Below are playable links of videos that relates to sports and/or action (fire-fight). It’s a display of my abilities to capture action and storytelling.

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VLOGS talking about Brazilian Jiujitsu and the Filipino Martial Arts (Kali)

Hooah Videos

“Hooah Videos” is a term military personnel use for motivational/promotional videos produced for/by military leaders to highlight an event, operation, or training exercise. The videos can inform you how much fun you could have had or the suffering you avoided


FIRE-FIGHT: Afghanistan

Stories of combat patrols/operations in Afghanistan featuring real fire-fights, explosions, and danger.

AFGHANISTAN: Pan Kalay Mini-Series

This is when I turned a single operation into a mini-series, despite my editors protest. My 4-6 hour patrol turned into a 24-hour mission. The operation took various turn of events and provided so much drama, I decided to milk it for what it’s worth… but the biggest reason was to show the shared sacrifice and danger American and Afghan soldiers shared on this single operation.