Cooking Adobo Chicken (Roasted Style!)

“Adobo is a Filipino dish, it’s a staple. Unlike the Mexican Adobo, Filipino Adobo is very simple.”

I often post photos of home cooked meals on my Instagram account man_of_tales and often get asked how I make these dishes. Sadly, most of the dishes I make are spur of the moment inspirations. Making them difficult to recreate. I also have this weird ability to cook using my sense of smell, meaning I rarely taste the food to figure out what’s missing. I smell the food while it’s cooking then somehow know if it needs more of “this or that.”

Roasting is a bit different in that aspect. Lucky for me, Adobo is an age old recipe passed down the generations of Pilipino men. In this video, I shot, edited, and hosted the video to introduce the world to my non-traditional version of a “Roasted Adobo Chicken.”